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ANECD Newsletter, Issue #1


ANECD Newsletter, Issue 1, January 2017

The first issue of the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development (ANECD) Newsletter is being released while children in the Arab Region have been enduring the worst conditions, especially very young children. They have been exposed to continuous dangers menacing their lives, health, education, and the development of their creative potentials, cognitive abilities, and social behaviors. Every step forward advancing their care and development is counterbalanced with conditions of wars, displacement, migration, and toxic stress that bring us back several steps.

The abyss in which our children live does not only manifest itself in their exposure to these harsh conditions. It also shows in the declining rates of enrollment in good quality pre-school programs, the scattered orientation of these programs, the workforce low competence, the fragmentation of the work of relevant entities, and lowering the budgets assigned to Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD). These factors and many others are strongly pressuring the physical, mental, and emotional health of children and their ability to realize all their inherent potentials.

Nevertheless, facing this gloomy situation, a significant progress at the Global and Regional Levels, including the Arab Region, is emerging in a firm attempt to push forward Early Childhood Care and Development as a priority and basis for human development. An example is the global emerging movement to promote ECD as an integrated part of all the 17 Sustainable Development goals, 2015-2030.

In this context, this ANECD Newsletter will try to be a space of hope for children as you, readers, address the challenges facing EC sector, draw lessons, and connect emerging theoretical concepts to practice and implementation.

Let us try together to enrich this leeway and make it a cumulative interactive linkage between what is happening in the ECCD sector in the world and the suffering of our children in every corner of the Arab Region.

As for the English version of the newsletter, it will not be a literal translation of the Arabic version, but it will be limited to short excerpts and synopses of the Arabic, with useful references and links, and/or referrals to the original English documents when valid.

This issue is only a humble beginning - hoping that we achieve together as much as we can for the best interest of the child in the Arab Region.

Dr. Ghassan Issa


Tunisia completes the Systems Approach for Better Education Results for Early Childhood Development (SABER-ECD)


Early Childhood Development in the Global Sustainable Development Goals, 2015 – 2030

Extracts from the presentation of Dr. Pia Britto, UNICEF Senior ECD advisor, at ANECD follow-up meeting in Jordan, April 2016. You can find the full presentation at ANECD site. For more on SDG, you can see more here

Sustainable Development Goal 4 Webinar Series

From Defining to Implementing: Briefing about the webinar series organized by UNESCO Institute for Statistics in September and October 2016 about SDG 4. The webinars presented the technical and political initiatives underway to implement the new indicator frameworks while addressing areas that are difficult to measure, such as education quality, learning, and inclusion. See more here.

Early Childhood Workforce Initiative

A joint learning initiative to empower those who work with young children. You can see more here.

Early Childhood Development Action Network

Executive Summary of the Technical Consultation Report, June 2016. You can find more at the respective sites of UNICEF and the World Bank who made this initiative: and


Recent ECD News, Events, and Resources

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