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ANECD Updates #7

January 2019


Al-Modon/Ali Alloush
  1. G20 endorses ECDAN to be part of G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development
  2. Tunisia approves a national strategy for Early Childhood Development
  3. P.I. and ARC: Training on the Science of Early Child Development for Jordanian Ministry of Health Staff
  4. Research Paper about childhood and media policies in Lebanon
  5. Article about a comprehensive program for supporting refugee parents and children
  6. DIFI International Conference in Qatar
  7. AFECN, The Africa We Want- A Better Future Now
  8. The Arab Civil Society Forum
  9. ACCD Magazine: Khotwa 33
  10. Manual Guide published by Early Childhood Workforce Initiative
  11. Two reports issued by ECWI
  12. esearch paper published by IFFD
  13. "World Bank's Report: "Missed Opportunities: The High Cost of Not Educating Girls
  14. UNICEF's blog “Getting every child ready to learn”
  15. UNICEF Early Childhood Education Assessment Report
  16. Annual Conference for NAEYC
  17. Training on funding and networking
  18. 90% of World’s children are breathing toxic air
  19. Job Opportunities


The G20 had endorsed ECDAN as part of its G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development: Building human capital to break the cycle of poverty and inequality – as released on the official G20 website. This is a tremendous moment of historic importance on several fronts. For the first time in the history of inter-governmental political platforms, such as G20, ECD has been recognized on the agenda. It is to be noted that the field has been seeking political recognition for a while, which was also pointed out as a challenge in the 2016 Lancet series. In the press statement which was issued following the announcement of the initiative, the statement says: “We therefore launch the G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development, determined to contribute to ensuring that all children – with an emphasis on their first 1,000 days – are well nourished and healthy, receive proper care, stimulation and opportunities for early learning and education, and grow up in nurturing and enabling environments, protected from all kinds of violence, abuse, neglect and conflict …”

To read the full statement, follow this link: 

Arab Countries:
National Strategies

Tunisia had published its National Multi-sectoral strategy for Early Childhood Development. The development of this strategy was based on existing programs and activities, and their improvement and harmonization with international standards. The other methodological feature of this strategy is its participatory and consensual approach. Several stakeholders were involved in discussing the draft document of the strategy before publicizing it through consultative forums, meetings, and workshops.

Research & Training

Between September 16th and 21st , Plan International (PI) Jordan with Arab Resource Collective (ARC) conducted a 6 day training in partnership with the Jordanian Ministry of Health, and maternal and child health directorate, for the staff the Ministry’s different departments on the course of the Red River college, the Science of ECD which was translated and adapted to Arabic by the Arab Resource Collective. The 6-day training course aimed to increase the Ministry of Health staff capacity and expand their knowledge regarding Early Childhood Care and Development.

A research paper titled “Childhood and the media policies in Lebanon” was launched recently. The research was conducted primarily by Dr. Nahawand Al Qadri Issa, Media Studies professor at the Lebanese University, with the assistance of Taghrid Al-Summairy and Malika Khanat. The paper highlighted the way topics related to childhood are presented in different media outlets in Lebanon aiming at showing their significance in the public rhetoric. The paper also highlighted several case studies of children who were victims of physical abuse and how the media, particularly the press, dealt with these cases.

To get the paper, contact Dr. Nahawand Al Qadri Issa at 

ANECD Resources & Publications

Dr. Ghassan Issa, Director of ANECD, published an article on Apolitcal website titled “Refugee Kids need more than food and shelter. This Parenting Program helps.” In the article, Dr. Issa explains how the program is designed and what makes it innovative. It is to note that this holistic program is being implemented currently in Lebanon and Jordan with Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

Article is available at:


ANECD participated in the conference titled “The Africa We Want- A Better Future Now”, which was organized by Africa Early Childhood Network and hosted by the government of Kenya between October 16 and 19, 2018. Topics of the conference addressed different areas pertaining to early childhood development in African countries and served as aken platform for information and resources exchange between the countries that participated in it.

ANECD participated in the fifth round of the Arab Civil Society Forum for Children which was held in Cairo, October 12-13, 2018. The forum’s theme for this year was “Formation in a changing World: New Minds for New People amid new societies”. The forum tackled the role of different actors in supporting children’s development such as schools, the family, media, cultural institutions, and civil society, in addition to different specific topics. Dr. Ghassan Issa, who represented ANECD in this conference, explained through his presentation the different events and activities conducted by ANECD and highlighted the comprehensive approach in supporting and advancing early childhood development.

Partners Resources & Publications

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative (ECWI) released two reports that shed critical insights on how policymakers and others can better support the child care workers, preschool teachers, teacher assistants, social workers, community health workers and nurses, who — through their day-to-day interactions — have the opportunity to transform a child’s developmental trajectory.

The International Federation for Family Development (IFFD) published a research paper in November 2018 titled “Toward strengthening Parental Stability: Assisting Parents through Education”.

Other Resources & Publications 


Partners News

International Step by Step Association organized a two-day training workshop that was designed to help associations, networks, and other non-profit organizations become more sustainable. Participants learned how to successfully raise funds from private sources, foundations, companies and individuals. The training provided participants with national and international fundraising insights, all to help get your projects, and even core costs covered. Participants gained the right skillset and confidence to secure more resources, whether they are brand new to fundraising or wishing to improve their results.

Other News 

Job Opportunities

The Early Childhood Workforce Initiative seeks a consultant for the development of a needs assessment tool. The tool aims at supporting policymakers responsible for the policy planning and personnel management of Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs. For more information about the role and its requirements, you are kindly requested to enter this link: