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Early Childhood in Syria between Rubble and Hope



In a grim assessment of the conflict’s impact on children, UNICEF published in March 2017 a press release press release marking the sixth year of the Syria crisis. UNICEF indicates that grave violations against children in Syria were the highest on record in 2016.
On the other hand, despite the horrors and suffering, there are remarkable stories of children determined to pursue their hopes and aspirations dreaming of “a world without any wars.”
Moreover, UNICEF had launched a press release in January 2017 declaring it has supported the re-opening of 23 primary schools in the eastern parts of Aleppo city, allowing nearly 6,500 children to return to school. UNICEF has provided school supplies, developed an accelerated learning program and trained teachers to help displaced children catch up on missed education. Psychosocial support activities have been provided to 35,000 children in shelters and other locations. For more info, please visit UNICEF site: