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G20 endorses ECDAN to be part of G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development

The G20 had endorsed ECDAN as part of its G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development: Building human capital to break the cycle of poverty and inequality – as released on the official G20 website. This is a tremendous moment of historic importance on several fronts. For the first time in the history of inter-governmental political platforms, such as G20, ECD has been recognized on the agenda. It is to be noted that the field has been seeking political recognition for a while, which was also pointed out as a challenge in the 2016 Lancet series. In the press statement which was issued following the announcement of the initiative, the statement says: “We therefore launch the G20 Initiative for Early Childhood Development, determined to contribute to ensuring that all children – with an emphasis on their first 1,000 days – are well nourished and healthy, receive proper care, stimulation and opportunities for early learning and education, and grow up in nurturing and enabling environments, protected from all kinds of violence, abuse, neglect and conflict …”

To read the full statement, follow this link: