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Meeting of Regional ECD Networks, July 2017

United Kingdom

Various Regional Early Childhood Development Networks held a meeting at the office of “Open Society Foundation” in London in July 2017. The International Step by Step Association, Africa ECD Network, Asia-Pacific Regional Network for Early Childhood, and the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development were present.

The meeting objectives were the following:

  • To empower regional networks through sharing of knowledge and experiences
  • To discuss the regional networks’ value proposition
  • To Build consensus on the positioning of regional networks within the global landscape including ECD Action Network (ECDAN)
  • To discuss and plan joint initiatives

The discussions focused on the following issues:

  1. ECD Regional networks as host of ECDAN Secretariat
  2. Value proposition as regional networks and opportunities for global engagement
  3. Joint activities of regional networks
  4. Regular meetings and sharing resources between networks

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