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ANECD/ARC Crisis Plan: Family- to – family intervention


In the aftermath of the blast, ANECD conducted a rapid assessment of the urgent and long-term needs of the communities they worked with and developed a 12-month action plan to provide direct humanitarian relief (health and nutrition kits, mental health direct services and referrals) and long-term early childhood development interventions (early learning digital resources, online support and mentoring for parents and caregivers, training and capacity building).  

The ANECD plan, which is based on a family-to-family intervention to alleviate suffering of families and children in Lebanon, utilizes a multi-sectoral community approach with the Nurturing Care Framework elements as the guiding themes:  responsive caregiving; health, including nutrition; early learning through play; child and social protection; and mental health and psychosocial support.  Estimated to cost roughly US$1 million, the plan would reach an additional 4,000 of the most affected families, with up to 9,500 children under 6 years of age, with long-term ECD interventions. 

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