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From NAZARETH Palestinian children to children of Beirut/Lebanon”


A group of cultural and community Palestinian institutions and associations from Al Nasra took the initiative to send a message of solidarity with the children of Beirut following the Beirut blast, which claimed hundreds of lives, injured thousands and displaced tens of thousands from their homes, as the explosion led to a huge devastation difficult to be estimated.

The initiative was put into action after a meeting called by Dr. Khalil Bakli, where the participants set a preliminary vision to produce an act of solidarity with the people of Lebanon in general and the children of Beirut in particular.

The organizers believed that there is a duty to educate our children, engage them in the event, and make them aware that the pain is one and that the boundaries that separate us physically will not separate us spiritually ... and not to be confined with an expression through a simple solidarity statement. The initiative was a message written and drawn by our children to be launched in the sky of Al Nasra, carried with helium balloons, as if they were heading towards Beirut. After inviting the public to participate in the initiative, hundreds of letters, written and drawn, arrived at the offices of the organizers.

Today, more than 1,200 "helium" balloons bearing an image of the historic map of Palestine intertwined with the flag of Lebanon were blown on Friday, 21 August 2020 as an expression of solidarity, and then these messages were hung and launched into the sky in a sign to send them to Beirut. The organizers expressed gratitude and thanks to the dozens of letters and drawings from Autistic Children.

Have a watch the event here!