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ECPC Statement of Solidarity with Beirut

In its statement of solidarity, the Early Childhood Peace Consortium referred to the scale of the disaster that devastated Beirut, which mainly affected the city's infrastructure, and killed hundreds, injured and displaced hundreds of thousands, including a large number of children. The Consortium shares with the Lebanese people their grief and expresses its deep concern for the immediate and long-term impact of this humanitarian crisis on the people of Beirut and its young children, and specifically on the most vulnerable societies, especially in light of the severe social and economic difficulties the country is facing and the health system already burdened by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is why the Early Childhood Peace Coalition, in cooperation with the United Nations, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), UNICEF and all other UN agencies and Member States, as well as with NGOs, early childhood networks, academia and civil society, are in support of families and young children most affected and traumatized by the explosion. Members of the Consortium stand ready to lend their expertise to relief efforts and offer programmatic support, especially for mental health and psycho-social support to young children and their families. The statement also affirmed that the consortium stands behind the Arab Network for Early Childhood Development, which is one of its members, and supports its action plan that provides direct aid and long-term interventions needed by children and their families in the aftermath of the explosion.

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To support ANECD’s relief efforts in Beirut,