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Life a 'waking nightmare' for 12 million children in Yemen

UNICEF issued a statement stating that more than 80% of people need urgent humanitarian assistance and protection in Yemen, including 12 million children whose lives are a “waking nightmare”. The statement added that Yemen could be the most dangerous place ever for a child to be in, noting that “one child dies every 10 minutes due to a preventable disease, and 2 million are out of school and thousands have been killed, maimed, or recruited since 2015. Just last week, 11 were killed, including a one-month-old baby. Despite repeated warnings, the country faces a nutrition crisis. 2.1 million children are acutely malnourished and almost 358,000 severely malnourished, and famine-like conditions have already begun for some children. Therefore, the statement emphasized the urgent need for, renewed political action, as the only way out of this unfolding horror, as the statement mentioned, is through the political track. In addition to the need for humanitarian access - in all areas and the need for funding and assistance to prevent the complete collapse of all the systems that Yemenis need now and in the long term, and the need to rally the global community around a comprehensive support package - including foreign exchange injections and new financing models to avoid a complete economic collapse.

To read the whole statement, here