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The objective of the analysis provided in this book is to offer evidence on the state of ECD in MENA in order to allow policy makers to implement better policies and programs, as well as to target programs to those with the greatest need. The information will also allow countries to benchmark their progress and to learn from the experiences of other countries and regions.

ANECD Membership

  • ANECD has a voluntary non-remunerated membership and is inclusive of significant actors in the Early Childhood Development sector who wish to join. Its membership includes governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, and individual experts with a record of accomplishment in ECD.
  • Currently, the Founding Assembly of ANECD is formed of the members who attended the Founding Forum in December 2014 and the Follow-up Meeting in April 2016.

تمثّل الورشة الخطوة العملية الأولى في إطلاق "البرنامج العربي لتنمية الطفولة المبكرة" الذي يهدف إلى تنسيق المقاربات العربية في هذه المجال ووضع مرجعيات ومعايير للنهوض بهذا القطاع على مستوى المربين وا